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The Journal of Accounting, Management and Governance (JAMG) is a journal that emerged in 2009 from the partnership between the Multi-Institutional and Interregional Accounting Postgraduate Programme in the University of Brasília and Federal University of Paraíba and Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and the Postgraduate Programme in Management of the University of Brasília. The joint effort of these programmes aims to leverage the knowledge and governance dissemination of public, private, and third sector organizations developed by national researchers. With a proposal to become a national reference periodical, Journal JAMG adopts the best editorial practices of international journals and the recommendations and standards of Qualis/CAPES, which evaluates the quadrennium journal along with the evaluation of the performance of the graduate programs.

JAMG succeeds the former scientific journal UnB Contábil, with a history of publications started in 1998, without interruptions, whose experience has been absorbed for the management of the new periodical, including the same identification number of internationally accepted documents and information (ISSN). Until 2007, the editions of the newspaper UnB Contábil were printed. As of 2008, the editions became available only in an electronic medium through a website.


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v. 25 n. esp (2022): Edição Especial - Reformas do Setor Público e Mudanças na Contabilidade Pública
Publicado: 2022-12-30


Edição Especial: Reformas do Setor Público e Mudanças na Contabilidade Pública

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